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By Dean James 

If you have been suffering with large kidney stones or any form of kidney disease, you will already be too aware of how painful that can be and what a dramatic impact it has on your life. Anything that can improve your health and prevent further formation of kidney stones is worthy of consideration. In this Kidney Diet Secrets review I am going to be taking a detailed look at this report by Rachelle Gordon, what it contains and who can benefit from following it.

Who Is Rachelle Gordon?

She is a nurse with 10 years of experience working in hospitals in the intensive care unit and out-patient departments. As a result of working in this environment with these patients that were suffering with different types of kidney disease, renal disease and kidney stone problems, she has been able to develop a system that's core component is a diet method which is field-tested.

What Is Kidney Diet Secrets?

It is a report that some may regard as controversial. With that said, as you can see from her credentials above, this nurse is more than qualified to give advice on the subject of kidney disease and also detail a system which is essentially a diet that can be followed for people suffering with kidney problems or those that simply want to follow a healthy kidney diet plan. Following the right diet is the most non invasive and simple way to combat kidney disease and stone formation. There are two more methods which are hemodialysis and kidney transplantation, both of which are much more extreme treatments and procedures.

Naturally anyone suffering with kidney problems, is most likely to at least try out the diet methods outlined before even contemplating the other two options available to them. In the case of kidney stones, diet is the route you must take in order to prevent further formation of the large ones that can cause absolutely excruciating pain.

A 3 Step Process

When you start following kidney diet secrets, you are given a 3 step process for beating kidney disease. The first step is to assess what stage you are at and how you are doing with your current treatment. The next step is to identify things in your daily lifestyle which may be causing damage or even further damage to your kidneys. This step is designed to help you recognize and stop those things which are causing harm, perhaps without you even knowing it. The third and last step is to follow the Kidney Diet Secrets plan which is the main part of the overall system. There is much more to this report than simply following a low-protein diet, so you need to follow this system and the diet recipes as well.

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